Innovotel is a software development company that turns ideas into products.

Innovotel takes a hands-on approach with each of our clients. Our goal is to take your vision and turn it into into functioning software.

We achieve this by following guidelines that we have established over time, learning from each project and continuially refining our process. The end result is a relationship between you and us that is more than just client and vendor.

Innovotel's Software Development Process


Listen and Ask Questions

The first step is for us to listen to your ideas and work with you in determining your needs. This can be done via telephone, email, instant messaging, or any other method you choose.

While you're describing your project to us, we'll ask questions. A lot of questions. This will help us to understand your project and ideas better and ultimately to create a better product.



The next step is for us to research how to approach your project. This is typically a fairly quick process as we can build on previous experience. We always approach our research with the attitude that you are the expert in your business and you wil be the one deciding how things work.

This step is ongoing and repeated as often as needed to fully understand your business and the need your project is fulfilling.


Create and Review an Initial Project Plan

The initial project plan outlines the major steps and milestones needed to implement your project. We will review each of these milestones with you to give you assurances that we understand your needs and can complete the project.

Once the review has been completed and the project plan approved, we will issue you a statement of work. This statement of work will provide time and cost estimates for the project. Once approved we start writing code.


Expand the Project Plan and Write Code

After the statement of work has been approved, the next step is to flesh out the major milestones into smaller work items. We will then write code using these smaller work items as a roadmap.

Once each milestone is reached, the project will be brought up on a test server for your review. We're flexible enough that at any time during any phase of the project you can change items if you decide you don't like something, or thought of a new feature you want to add. This is your project so it must be created to your satisfaction.

You will always be kept in the loop. We will also provide online access to the project plan and all source code for your project. With access to the project plan, you will be able to see how things are progressing as as well as provide feedback. You can even setup automatic email alerts so you know when the status of any work-item changes.


Test, Test, Test Some More and Deploy

During every phase, we will test the software. Testing will be done by our developers, quality assurance staff, and by you. Everything should work as you expect. Once the testing phase is complete, we will work with you on how and when the project will be deployed to production.

After you approve the project, it will be deployed. Wherever possible, deployments are done in a way that can be easily rolled back just in case something catastrophic was overlooked during testing.



After the project is deployed, the final step is to enter a maintenance cycle. This is where your project has been deployed to production and only minor changes are made to it. In the case of ongoing development and evolving projects, we will continue the last three steps as needed, making continuous code, test and release cycles.

In addition to writing the software, we offer maintenance agreements that will monitor your servers and services for any problems and act on them immediately.

Ready to get started? Contact us and let us know how we can help you.